Testosterone Pills for Men

Hypogonadism or inefficient production of testosterone in men is a serious health concern especially in men with partners who wish to have an active sex life. Low testosterone may cause low sperm count, loss of libido, erection problems among others. After diagnosis, doctors usually recommend testosterone supplement to increase the amount of the male hormone in the body. There are several types of testosterone supplements available in the market to treat hypogonadism (klick).

Testosterone pills such as methyltestosterone are known as Android and Testred brands. These pills are ingested through the mouth for about one to four times a day, depending on the amount of bioavailable testosterone in the body. The doctor will determine the dosage based on this. The instructions of the doctor about the dosage and frequency of use should be diligently followed to maximize benefits. Sudden stop in taking the medication make cause withdrawal reactions of the body exhibited by depression, weakness, and tiredness. The doctor usually recommends gradual decrease in the dosage to prevent such reactions.

Testosterone pills are quite controversial in some countries because studies have shown risky side effects of the pills. These reactions include liver toxicity, which may lead to a phletora of more diseases. In the U.S., testosterone pills are discouraged. In Canada and Europe, a safer version of the pill is commercially available.

Testosterone Pills for Men

Other possible side effects of methyltestosterone are vomiting, headache, hair loss, pimples, skin color changes, increased or decreased libido, and oily skin. Decrease in sperm production is also another side effect of taking testosterone supplements so men who wish to make kids are discouraged to take testosterone pills. Allergic reactions may also occur but is not highly frequent. Formation of rashes, swelling of head parts, and breathing difficulty may occur. Patients must contact their healthcare specialist once side effects are observed.

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