Testosterone Injections for Men

Testosterone hormone is responsible for several body functions of men such as mood, sperm formation, sexual drive, muscle strength, and body fat. Thus, the levels of testosterone must be at normal levels all the time. The normal level of testosterone ranges from  300 to 1,000 ng/dL. Testosterone levels can be measured through blood test. When the doctor finds out that a patient has below normal levels of testosterone, he would recommend testosterone replacement therapy through injections.

Among other forms of testosterone supplements, the injection is one of the most inexpensive options. The price of infection ranges from S12 to 30 per shot, depending on the brand. However, injections are usually administered by healthcare professionals. Thus, patients would need to visit the hospital or clinic as frequently every 2 to 4 weeks with additional cost for professional fee. On the other hand, some doctors allow patients to inject themselves with testosterone. Patients would inject the drug on thigh muscles. This should be carefully done following all the doctor’s instructions.

The use of testosterone supplements does not cure the main problem why patients produce low testosterone levels. The supplements just compensate the missing amount of testosterone to achieve normal levels. Hence, getting testosterone injections could last a lifetime on until the doctor says you no longer need it due to certain reasons.

Similar with other testosterone supplements, getting injections could have side effects particularly in major organs of the body such as liver and heart. Blood clots and prostate problems could also happen in patients undergoing testosterone replacement therapy.

Men who have fear of getting injections can discuss with their doctor about other options to undergo testosterone replacement therapy. Other options include buccal tablets, pills, patches, and gels. It is important to use the best method of choice to make sure that the patient gets his testosterone boost.

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